Helpful Tips for Improving Your Business Web Design

The lay out of your website, the colors, images and fonts that are used (or not used) can be the difference between success – i.e. high conversion, low bounce rates, etc. – and complete failure – i.e. low sales and high abandonment.

If you want to have a site that encourages visitors to stay longer and allows them to easily find what they are looking for, use the tips that are highlighted here.

Create a Professional and Polished Logo

The logo you create for your business is a crucial part of your entire brand, which means you need to ensure that it is located in a prominent position on your site. Using a high resolution image that is featured in the upper corner of each page is a good rule of thumb to follow and ensure that each instance of the logo links back to the homepage of the site.

Use Navigation that is Intuitive

The primary navigation for a website is typically going to be displayed in a horizontal menu bar that goes across the top of your website. You should consider providing a secondary navigation option beneath the primary navigation bar, or on the left-hand margin, which is known as the sidebar. This is important because a confusing navigation will result in people bouncing off the page, rather than trying to figure out how to make it work.

Eliminate Clutter

There is no question that consumers can become visually overloaded with images, which can stop their brains from processing information due to the excessive amount of options. In order to keep visitors on your site, you need to have one, primary call to action and no excessive visual clutter. This includes animated gifs, photographs and excessive graphics. You should consider limiting the options and links at the header and the footer, as well, in order to narrow the focus on your site.

Give Your Website Visitors some Breathing Room

Be sure there is enough space between paragraphs and images so the view has space to “breathe.” This will ensure they are able to better absorb the features that your site and business have to offer. When you control the white space through the layout, it will keep users focused on your content and also control the user flow.

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