How Demand Planning Software Improves Accuracy

If your company currently uses spreadsheets, it can be a major change to switch to demand planning software. Even though it can be difficult, it’s essential to long-term growth. Since it’s a major undertaking, there is a time to do it with fewer repercussions. If your company has fewer than 150 SKUs, spreadsheets might be okay for supply chain plans, but when your products grow past that, demand planning software can be more accurate and convenient.

What’s Wrong with Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets fall short on many processes, but there can be other problems with them like:

  • Human error
  • More difficult for collaboration and entering varying data
  • Difficult to aggregate data sets and limits analysis

How Software Improves Accuracy

Demand planning software is more efficient and accurate than manual spreadsheets, but there are many more benefits that often have a significant impact on your business performance. It enhances your ability to be competitive in a dynamic global market. Here are a few ways software programs can be beneficial:

  • Using consistent data sets, all relevant users can view it, making collaboration is more efficient
  • Problems are identified quicker and a course of action can be taken sooner. Real-time integration helps ensure decisions are data-driven, rather than intuitive.
  • The software helps with identifying opportunities quicker so there can be adaptations along the supply change as needed. Using improved data visualization, it’s easier for users to identify changes in demand patterns, seasonality and trends.

This all puts data insights within reach and improves the entire operation, from meeting service level needs for your customers to creating proactive planning to enable you to stay ahead of the unexpected and your competition.

Are you ready for a more efficient system? Talk to the professionals at Business Name for a smoother transition to demand planning software.

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