IT Companies in Plainview, NY Help Businesses Prevent Downtime

Most small- to medium-sized businesses today are not adequately prepared for an emergency. While it is not possible to plan for every potential threat to your system, you should be working with an IT company that can assist you in preventing network and data disasters.

Telling Statistics

So, if you think something like server downtime is not critical, you need to re-evaluate your perspective. IT companies in Plainview, NY are needed to assist in network recovery and to prevent losses. According to research conducted in the field, only 55% of surveyed companies calculated the expense of downtime. In addition, only 18% of the respondents could provide an exact figure for the cost.

Losses Can be Staggering

Professionals working at IT companies add that businesses can stand to lose as much as $12,000 for all business performed per hour. For example, if a server is down for a whole business work day, this equates to a potential loss of about $100,000 for a small operation. That is not an amount anyone can afford to lose from just a server problem.

Make Sure Your Business Can Stay Operational

So, you need to make a commitment to investigate the services offered by IT companies. You could be faced with a devastating loss, especially if your company’s network is impacted by a natural disaster. Needless to say, you cannot afford to take this kind of risk. If you want to stay operational, you need to depend on the help of IT specialists.

Talk to an IT Consultant Now, Not Later

To review IT products and services, click here for further information and details. Not only do you need an experienced IT company to cover you for downtime, but you also need their assistance so you can plan in case of a major disaster. Talk to a consultant today to establish a business continuity plan for your practice or company.

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