Replace a Current Server Power Supply to Conserve Energy and Save Money

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Server power supplies tend to last a long time even with continuous use, depending on the size, make and model. With the rising cost of energy, corporations and PC users are looking for ways to conserve energy and still maintain the current level of power they enjoy when using computers connected to servers. There are a wide range of super-efficient server power supplies that offer features such as digital switching control, redundancy, quiet operation, DC inputs, EuP standard support, FCC Class B certification, remote monitoring with a PMBus and much more.

Quality Server Power Supplies

A high quality server power supply can stay efficient with a high load and does not always drop off. Shifts in technology have had a significant influence on the performance of server power, however. Depending on whether a server is pushed for multiple specs verses single use servers, will determine how hard they are used and whether they reach a server ‘sweet spot’ concerning efficiency. Newer server power supplies make it easier to become more energy efficient and save money when compared to older server power supplies. This encourages a lot of server users to replace older server power supplies to conserve valuable resources and reduce the total cost of ownership. It is imperative to find server power supplies that have been tested in the industry and validated in environments that are relevant to their use. This will ensure that the server power supply that is purchased will operate in perfect running order under all types of conditions.

Server Power Supplies with Digital Switching

For those that are concerned with ultimate power efficiency, it is a good idea to invest in a server power supply that incorporates digital switching. Many server power supplies have been designed with a digital switching mode that enables transistors to harmonically turn on and off. The on and off signal is powered by a PWM signal controller. There are many advantages to using digital switching with overall reduced energy and power efficiency being top factors. This also reduces transmission loss and equipment damage due to total harmonic distortion. The status of the power supply can also be monitored more flexibly with real time control.

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