Software, Appss Easing Employee Crunch In HVAC Sector

by | May 22, 2019 | Software Company

Folks in the HVAC sector are embracing high-tech software solutions at a time when the industry is changing rapidly, including confronting some significant challenges. One of those biggest challenges is finding enough highly trained HVAC technicians to go out on service calls.

It seems that fewer young people are opting for careers in HVAC service. Combine that with the fact that baby boomers are rapidly retiring, and HVAC managers are scrambling for ways to keep customers happy and grow their businesses with fewer employees.

Many have opted for HVAC service software as a solution. More specifically, its software that powers mobile apps that have proven to be a game changer for technicians in the field. Apps streamline the ability to dispatch jobs remotely to technicians. It also enables them to file paperwork from the field. When a job is done, completed work orders get electronically sent back to the home office automatically.

Scheduling, customer management and load analyzing are also functions that can be sped up considerably without the need to add workforce using HVAC service software. For example, load analyzing applications have created a fast and accurate way to prove load for a residential home. It’s a five-step process that produces a five-page document presented on site to a customer. It also pulls extra data from an online source to garner information on a home’s square footage, age and number of bedrooms.

HVAC service software has made keeping track of service tickets remarkably easier while also keeping data and improving the accuracy of that data.

All this high-tech innovation works so well, some current HVAC workers fear that they will be replaced by robots and software apps in the future. But just the opposite is likely true. HVAC apps create more business and customers. Thus, industry observers expect demand for HVAC professionals to grow, not decrease in coming years.

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