Software That Keeps Going While You Sleep

by | May 15, 2013 | Computers and Internet

Online businesses are a part of a whole new world. They have joined a world that does not ever sleep. 24/7 the internet keeps churning. Gone are the days when you could simply call or write a letter to a company to resolve your issues. Nowadays consumers want instant service at any time. With the addition of tablets and smart phones now business never closes.

A fundamental portion of any business is client support, and interaction of consumers who wish to communicate with the business about their issues. At one time, this involved large amounts of paperwork and teams of people to accomplish these goals, but it is no longer true today.

Web-Based Software

With the creation of software that is web based, clients can save valuable time while avoiding phone calls. Sometimes phone interactions can be dragged out for long periods of time when consumers are switched from one department to another. Now with client support software, consumers are able to submit a set of questions and multitask to other things while the customer service agents prepare the answers to these issues in a timely manner. This allows the consumer to interact with the business 24 hours a day.

Knowledge-Based Software

IT help desk solutions allow for consumer issues to be handled in a matter of minutes. Knowledge base software is exceptionally handy. This software has instructions, articles, and answers to frequently asked questions inside that the consumer can self navigate through to solve their issues without even having to contact a customer service agent.

Use of knowledge based software is very easy. All the consumer has to do is type in a question or short detail of the problem, and they can get answers instantly. With this feature, both the consumer and the company are saving valuable time and money and while issues are being resolved. It even works on the interoffice level when employers open up this type of system for their employees which offers them a means to handle issues they experience much more quickly.

The best part of client support software systems are that it automates work. Trouble tickets can be easily rendered, and answers are easily converted back into emails. Customer issues can be handled and tracked with ease.

H2Desk offers clients a fully interactive web based software system. Client support has never been easier. H2Desk has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is ready to help you streamline your business.


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