The Job Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant Appointment Setter

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Internet Marketing

Virtual assistant appointment setters have gained popularity over the last few years and more and more companies are embracing remote work. The duties of a virtual assistant are determined by the needs of your business or individual. However, their primary tasks are to make, streamline, and keep schedules organized.

Scheduling Appointments

Virtual assistants must manage multiple schedules efficiently and coordinate appointments based on the availability of individuals or businesses. This can include setting, rescheduling, and confirming appointments with clients or customers via email or phone.

Managing Calendars

Virtual assistants must keep track of the schedules and appointments of their clients and ensure that everything stays organized. This includes blocking time for important tasks, scheduling recurring appointments, and relying on scheduling tools to streamline tasks.


After scheduling an appointment, it’s essential to follow up with clients or customers to ensure they know the upcoming appointment details. This can be achieved through reminders, confirmations, and ensuring clients can access necessary preparation documents before their scheduled appointment time.


From making appointments to answering phone calls or emails, a virtual assistant should be an excellent communicator. Clients and customers need to know that they can quickly communicate with the virtual assistant appointment setter and that their needs are handled efficiently.

Data Entry

Virtual assistants must be proficient in data entry to maintain their client’s customer relationship management (CRM) databases. They need to enter accurate information into the client’s CRM to improve communication and provide consistency across all appointments.

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