The Most Common Large Events and How A Good Event App Can Help

by | May 14, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Are you wondering whether your conference needs an event app? Although the answer is probably yes, we wanted to show you why. We’ve put together a list of common large events to show you how a good event app can help.

  1. Industry-Specific Events, such as a conference of all doctors or all academics. Each industry will have specific conference challenges. For example, medical conferences typically bring hundreds of busy specialists to the conference. Doctors, especially younger doctors, tend to be pretty tech-savvy, and will likely have a device such as a smart phone or tablet on which they can install an event app. Academics are less likely to fall into the time=money mentality; they are at the conference to present their research, network with colleagues, and discuss the latest and greatest theoretical and practical knowledge within their field. Whatever the case, you’ll want to choose best mobile event app that adds to the conference, no matter what the theme.
  2. Tech types. If you’re organizing a conference for highly technical types, you better believe they will expect a high-functioning and user-friendly event app. Don’t delude yourself: the conference may be judged based on the quality of your event app, so it is important to nail it in this regard. Choose one that is tried and true, like
  3. A conference of influencers. Just like with tech types, influencers tend to be on the cutting edge of trends, and will expect a solid event app to help them get from A to B and choose which sessions they want to attend. If you’re organizing a conference for social media influencers such as bloggers, the pressure will be on to ensure the mobile event app you choose integrates well with popular social networking apps such as Twitter.
  4. User conferences. If there are colleagues from a multinational company gathering in one place for a conference, there will be unique challenges and needs. Company branding, for example, will be even more important than with industry or influencer conferences. You’ll want to ensure the mobile event app you choose is fully customizable when it comes to things like colors and logos.
  5. Recreational conferences. Some conferences are hobby-based, and people attend because they want to and are interested in a common hobby or activity. For these types of conferences, you’ll need an event app that fits with the type of user and theme of the conference. If, for example, it’s a yoga conference, you’ll need an event app that can help attendees find the latest Hatha session. Look for an event app developer that is open to customized solutions!


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