Use These Management Tips to Optimize Your HVAC Field Service Jobs

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Software Company

It takes a lot to manage field service jobs even when you use HVAC maintenance software. You must ensure appointment times are convenient for your customers. Also, you have to make sure the fleet of service vehicles operate properly.

Knowing where service technicians are at all times is another moving part. Not keeping track of all of these data points could allow inefficiencies to creep in and negatively impact your business. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a well-organized operation.

Group Service Jobs by Location

As much as possible, schedule technicians to locations where service jobs are close to one another. By doing so, each technician spends less time traveling from one job to the next. The result is lower expenses and less wait time for customers.

HVAC maintenance software with a mapping feature allows you to easily manage work schedules.

Keep Service Vehicles and Equipment in Good Shape

Be diligent about maintaining service vehicles and equipment. Keep records of the last time each one was serviced. Also, keep track of when the next service is due to avoid having too many vehicles and/or equipment down at the same time.

Maintenance also involves replacing parts according to manufacturer suggestions. You do not want malfunctions and breakdowns to interfere with customer appointments and your company’s reputation.

Send Friendly Reminders to Customers

Busy schedules make it easy for homeowners to forget a service tech appointment. To avoid missed appointments, call, text or email reminders to customers at least 24-48 hours before the job. Many software solutions for HVAC repair companies have an automated notification feature.

Automate Tasks with a Software Solution

Likewise, you can automate other tasks that help you smoothly run your HVAC repair company. Some software features include:

  • Scheduling recurring jobs
  • Tracking workflow
  • Generating invoices
  • Location and status of technicians

By following these tips, your company can count on higher profits and satisfied customers.

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