Ways Technology Make Your Trail Network Safer

by | May 22, 2017 | Software Company

Hiking is a great way to explore many different landscapes. It is an activity that has a low barrier to entry, meaning that hikers don’t need to spend much to get started in hiking as a hobby. This makes walking trails one of the most popular ways to explore. Unlike skiing or biking, hiking is something that most people can get into. It also means that many people exploring the trails in your network are inexperienced, and they are likely to be under equipped. While this is not an issue on some trails, the harsher trails can be extremely challenging, or even dangerous, for those who are unprepared. You, as a business operator, are expected to provide the safest environment possible. New technological advancements makes this easier and more effective to do so.

Maps and Trail Information

One of the most important parts of safety is planning. Using online maps and detailed information, you help your hikers make informed decisions. Things that make the most impact to decision making include trail status, recent animal sightings, and trail difficulty ratings. Providing this data to your hikers let them know as much as possible. With technology, you can publish this information on your website. Armed with this data, hikers are able to be well prepared for the conditions that they will face.

Navigation and Help Out on the Trail

It is possible to provide information, even out in the bush. An outdoor touch screen kiosk is a great way to have a connection between your hikers and yourself. These kiosks are programed to be as simple as an updated trail report, or they can be as complex as a two-way communication device. These points of information save lives by ensuring that hikers know where they are, what they are likely to experience, and even call for help in a timely matter when required.

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