What You Need To Know About Dedicated Hosting

by | Nov 18, 2013 | IT Services

Dedicated hosting provides you with the capabilities and resources of a whole server not shared with any other person. It involves a hosting company ‘dedicating’ a whole server to your company’s website. The hosting firm backs up and maintains the server while taking care of the power supervision, security as well as all the other aspects of data center maintenance. The website developer is exclusively responsible for all the web server software. In addition, dedicated services cover the lease of connectivity and pre-configured equipment from a hosting company. The hosting firm has full control of the equipment and connectivity.

A dedicated web server gives you complete control over your web presence. You can choose the operating system and any software you wish to use, as well as customized settings for your multimedia and e-commerce needs. Also, dedicated web servers are a great option for clients who require better server control or custom software but do not wish to make the substantial up-front investment needed in buying a server. Dedicated web hosting is an excellent solution for businesses with heavy traffic capacity that lack the resources, security and staff to install, build as well as manage an internal solution. Usually, a dedicated web hosing account costs less than an internal solution. By having dedicated web hosting, your company can save as much as 85 percent monthly.

An important benefit of dedicated web hosting is that the hosting company owns the dedicated web server and is wholly responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. In the event of malfunction of hardware components, it is the company’s duty to replace or repair the damaged components at its cost. The other benefit offered by dedicated hosting is that the service is customized for each client. Advanced hosting companies will allow you to choose specific processor speeds, disk space plus other hardware elements. This sort of arrangement will help increase your profitability by ensuring you choose the hardware that will work best for your needs. Dedicated web servers are excellent service options for the reason that only a client as well as their visitors can access the server. This essentially means that there will be improvements in web server performance and the safety of e-commerce systems.

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