Common Network Security Services You Need for Your Business

by | May 3, 2016 | IT Services

Network security is essential in the modern world. Almost all sorts of business are now conducted online. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar transfer from one country to another or the stock purchase of a company, the use of network technology has become integral to modern business practices. However, unless you properly secure your network, hackers can gain illegal access to your infrastructure and can steal important information. Here are some of the most common network security services that you need for your business.

Stress Testing

Dedicated denial of service attacks, also known as DDoS attacks, are very common nowadays. Essentially, these attacks can bring down a server by sending lots of spam to a particular address. Therefore, one of the integral network security services that you need is stress testing. Stress testing can tell you whether your servers are capable of braving serious attacks like these. Many companies that offer stress testing can also test your firewall’s security by sending targeted viruses to your servers, in order to see whether they can hold up against attacks.

Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring has become an essential security service for most business owners. You need to know whether all of the incoming mail into your network is safe and secure. Real time monitoring allows you to do just that. All of the attachments are carefully scanned in order to make sure that there are no hidden viruses inside. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have been brought to their knees just because they didn’t have a proper security infrastructure in place. If you want to avoid some serious losses to your company, you should consider using these essential network security services. Not only will you know where your network security is lacking, but you will also be able to make improvements.

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