Deleting Unnecessary Data Is Simpler Than You Think!

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Information Technology

A corporation’s mainframe and database contain a tremendous amount of data, but that info occupies a finite amount of space. This information can often time be duplicated over time. Usually, a number of revisions are made on certain documents or information and these end up either being saved under slightly different names or as a different type of computer file. These small duplicates can eventually add up to a whole lot of space that is being used for data that has already been recorded elsewhere. This is where merge purge software comes into play. This particular program can help you identify these types of inconsistencies and either erase them entirely or merge them into a new file containing all of the relevant info.

Simple To Use And Easy To Set Up

This merge purge software is pretty simple to set up and after following its tutorial and wizard program you can set all of the important parameters about how it will go about identifying the offending documents. The ease and speed at which this part of the process takes can make installing and readying the program quick and easy for your information technology department. It also means that you can start deleting or merging old files almost immediately. This will allow for the freeing up of storage space and most likely increase the speeds of your mainframes.

Consumer And Business Functionality

This utility can be used to search both corporate and customer files on a single pass. This allows for it to do a broad search in a shorter amount of time. This can lead to a quicker turnaround and allow you to be back up and running at full capabilities much faster.

Extensive Info All In One Place

The software itself can create informative reports showing you all of your problematic files and offending data centers. It can give you a broad and reasonable idea about where your problem areas lay and how it can go about correcting the issue.

This program can be a great benefit to any business looking to increase its dataflow and aid in their information technologies maintenance of their systems. It should not be overlooked as a simple but effective tool that will remove or merge your documents into more precise files. This will not only increase storage space but can boost you overall network speeds because any mainframe running with too much unused data can find itself getting sluggish.

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