Speed up your car wash service by using unique devices

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Software & Hardware

Expedite your car wash business by integrating various software, apps and handheld devices for your employees as well as your drive-up kiosks. During busy days, no one likes to be forced to sit and wait for their number to be called or the queue to run down; so start using an easy system to keep track of wait times, queue numbers, vehicle information and discount programs at your car wash business today.

Unique marketing abilities

Set up and adjust your own unique marketing and loyalty rewards program by using gift cards, loyalty points, and offering multiple rewards for customers who frequent your car wash service. Clients return to businesses that offer savings and rewards programs, and with various carwash computer software and kiosks you can offer the same. Whether you want to provide discount gift cards in fixed or variable amounts, or want to set up unique combo packages to offer a few related products such as wash, dry and wax, you can set them up quickly and easily.

Handheld devices & controllers

Allow your employees and greeters to expedite the customer’s visits by using handheld tablets or their phones. By integrating your Apple or Android devices with a higher level of technology you can get your customers in, out and on their way quicker than ever. Employees can swipe credit or gift cards as well as print receipts and sales tabs via a hip printer. Easy to learn and train new employees on, all handheld and kiosk screens are created to make things faster and more efficient for everyone involved. Drive up kiosks can also be made to speed up customer wait times and provide instant credits for loyalty points or gift cards, as well as allowing payment at the kiosk without requiring them to get out of their vehicle.

Management options

Follow financial goals, employee productivity and hourly stats by using various management tools with your controllers, kiosks and handheld devices. You can easily keep an eye on multiple locations at once with real-time logs and details to keep your customers happy, your employees active and your revenue generating. Set labor management charts and guides to monitor employee schedules, overtime and productivity, or simply watch customer tickets and service numbers being fulfilled throughout the day. This provides a quick and easy way to manage all of your businesses without having to be at each one.

When your business is considering adding a car wash controllers to attract more clients or expedite existing service, visit eGenuity.com for options.

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