Ensuring Business Continuity In The Event Of A Server Failure

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Website Hosting

One of the biggest worries of any business owner, IT manager or IT department is that a server fails. To help to offset this very real concern, most companies look to managed IT services to provide server backup and backup disaster recovery assistance.

Some companies in Grand Rapids, MI, have significant concerns with server failure. E-commerce business or companies that rely on their system and server for contracts, data and the ability to keep their business operating can’t wait days or weeks to get a system up and running. These companies turn to IT Partners+ for dependable, effective backup and disaster recovery services.

Additionally, these same companies can’t afford to have a server failure that compromises their data storage. Contracts, agreements, corporate data and custom designed programs can’t be simply recreated, so server backup and the ability to quickly have backup disaster recovery is critical.

What is Possible?

With today’s cloud-based technology, it is not at all impossible for a company that experiences a complete server failure to have the system fully restored and operating in just a few minutes once a new server is in place.

These types of business IT solutions can be set up by a managed IT service provider. They can schedule backups to occur based on your needs, which can include real-time data backup to the cloud.

This is accomplished by creating virtualization of the server. Should the actual physical server fail or be destroyed through fire, flooding or physical damage and theft, the company and all users will immediately be directed to the virtualization of the system, providing seamless use of the system until the server issue can be resolved.

If you aren’t sure if your current IT solution for data backup and disaster recovery is all that you need, get your free business continuity audit completed today for better insight into your level of protection.

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