EOD Charting Software Puts Power in the Hands of a New Breed of Investors

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Software & Hardware

Investors of every level are becoming more and more sophisticated. It wasn’t all that long ago when an amateur investor could hold court at a cocktail party merely by virtue of being informed about price-earnings ratios, but those days are a distant memory. The incredible informative power of the internet has turned even those who turn down their noses at investing into relatively informed investors, and those who are willing or happy to dig into the subject have become remarkably sophisticated. This new breed of amateur investor often seeks to go beyond the basics of value-oriented and fundamentals-directed investing, delving into more advanced strategies like technical analysis. Powerful EOD Charting Software is a terrific asset for such expert investors and can allow them to make use of techniques that had previously been the exclusive domain of the most elite investment banks.

Whereas virtually all investors recognize the importance of business-related fundamentals in influencing a particular stock’s long-term price, there is another perspective from which these measures can often be ignored completely. Since they first started charting price movements on the equity markets, investors have been fascinated by the appearances of order in these normally random-looking shifts, and a number have sought to profit from them.

EOD Charting Software is a great starting point for investors who wish to explore this viewpoint. Software of this sort displays the price movements of particular stocks in terms of bands representing each day’s opening, closing, low, and high prices. Trading volumes are normally supplied as well, as these are often thought by technical analysts to be nearly as determinate of price movements as momentum is.

What EOD Charting Software by Spider Software, for example, allows investors to do is to extract patterns from these deeply-detailed price movements. While investors who wish to dedicate all of their time to the pursuit may prefer software tailored to shorter-term price movements, those with a more hands-off approach generally find that end-of-day charts of this sort are the most appropriate for their purposes. Companies like Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. therefore enable investors of this sort to analyze and manipulate freely-available price data on a scale that is most likely to mesh with a balanced, technical analysis-driven investment approach.

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