Flexible VPS Hosting Services

What is vps hosting service? A VPS, or virtual private server, is a server much like any other; it operates online and is accessed through the internet or other networks. The thing that makes a VPS so different from a dedicated server is that it is not a physical server. It is a deployment of an operating system that works just like a regular OS, but it shares the hardware for operation with other virtual servers. This means that several virtual servers can be installed on a single physical server.

Depending on the amount of hardware in the physical server, there could be several dozen virtual servers running on one machine. A vps hosting service offers the rental of a virtual server for a fraction of the cost of renting a dedicated physical server. Providers like JaguarPC offer VPS hosting packages for less than the cost of the average flash drive.

Why choose virtual servers over dedicated servers?
Physical servers are expensive, they cost quite a bit of money to operate, and in most cases the resources in a dedicated server are wasted since they only use a small portion of those resources to operate software. Renting a dedicated server usually costs at the very least one hundred dollars per month, and that is with minimal hardware resources installed. If you want to upgrade a dedicated server with more RAM or storage it will also need to be rebooted, meaning the server won’t be accessible for a short while.

With a vps hosting service, the cost will be much lower since it will be split among the various users. Resources that are not in use are powered down, leading to less cost of operation for the service provider, which leads to lower rates for the end user. Upgrading a virtual server takes no more than a minute or two since most visualization can be configured on the fly, meaning little or no down time for the server. Not only is re-configuring a virtual server quicker, it is much more flexible. Virtual servers use emulated hardware, so adding in more RAM or storage is easy and quick.

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