How to Dump Your Fax Machine Without Making it Cry

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Computers and Internet

So, there sits, in the corner of the office, just behind the reception desk, buzzing away every few hours or so. The receptionist peels off the stack of papers that have spewed out of it and hands them out to the appropriate recipients. For many years the fax machine was the wonder of the office. It was placed in view where people to stare in awe at the newest kind of office technology. It was an amazing piece of equipment, the phone would ring, the screeching would start and out popped a stack of papers with all sort of printed things on them.

Now, the trouble is, modern computing technology has kind of sullied the relationship between the office workers and the fax machine. The poor machine stills sits there, but it has been kind of pushed back a little, out of the way as though it is the office embarrassment. It still spews out the odd document or two but it is by no means as active as it used to be. In fact, it hasn’t been replaced in nearly ten years and it looks pretty worn out too.

The office manager tells the workers that they have learned of a new computerized version of the fax machine—the Axacore enterprise fax server—which allows a number of users that are attached to a LAN—local area network—to receive and send faxes. A fax server essentially allows a computer to both receive and send fax messages.

Various Options and Methods

You might think that there is little difference between sending a scanned version of a document as an attachment via email and you would be right. There’s not much difference, but what you can also do is actually dial the number of a fax machine and send the copy over the telephone for it to be printed at the other end of the line. You can also tell your computer or another computer to use a virtual printer instead of paper versions.

So, with the new technology that allows for all this fast mailing and exchanging of documents around the globe You could probably quietly unplug your fax machine and whisper a gentle goodbye in its ear, at the same time, thanking it for its years of loyalty.

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