Law Office Software: Beyond the Basics

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Software & Hardware

Law offices deal with massive influxes of information which needs to be well organized, categorized and stored for periodic retrieval and use. Disorganization can lead to errors with potentially disastrous results. The best way to effectively capture all of the data to keep the operation running smoothly is through use of law office software. The best software programs offer a comprehensive approach to the storing, management and use of information in one convenient location.

Specific Design Features

The most effective law office software provides easy to use programs which are specific to the needs of law offices. Tracking time allocations, task scheduling, as well as other calendaring events such as client appointments, and court dates are some of the items which need careful attention. The addition of pre-programmed reminders keeps all members of the team aware of commitments and can help streamline time management in the office.

Pages for entering client information can improve processes by storing all relevant data in one place. Some examples are: billing and contact information, court appearances and other services such as document creation and filing with the courts, billable service hours, case notes, follow-up items, retainers as well as other fees and any items relevant to the case.

Cloud Storage and Access

Software which allows for document storage in a cloud based system can make accessing files from any location via your mobile device very easy. The most important part about cloud storage is the encryption rate utilized by the software when information is sent to the storage location.  With the correct software, you can access not only your documents which are stored on the cloud, but also the rest of the tools provided in the suite. This makes your law practice extremely mobile and gives you the ability to react to client requests from anywhere.

Conflict of Interest Checking

Any law office software worth mentioning will have some aspect of conflict of interest checking. Lawyers aren’t taught much about this procedure in law school, but it’s of vital importance to any solo practitioner or law firm. The biggest law firms regard conflict of interest checking as a risk prevention procedure, as the consequences of having a conflict could mean a loss of revenue, multiple clients, or worse. A suite of integrated software will crosscheck any previously logged names and businesses against a prospective client to see if a conflict occurs (sometimes even similar looking names are within the search parameters).

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