Produce Accurate Payroll and Reduce the Stress of Managing Employee Time

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Software & Hardware

If you own a traditional time clock, often referred to as a Bundy clock, you likely know how difficult payroll processing can be. In addition to worrying if your employees are abusing the system by stealing time, you also have to manually tally up work hours and benefits. Payroll clerks have the tedious task of processing these figures that may or may not be accurate based on when employees clock in and out. There really is no concrete way of knowing whether they are basing payroll on accurate numbers or not. Over time, this process has taken a chunk out of a company’s profits due to unnecessary labor costs. Weary employers no longer have to worry about keeping an eagle eye on their employees or stressing over payroll that may be incorrect. With the integration of updated time clocks and payroll time clock software, an employer can reduce their stress and manage employees with more efficiency and precision than ever before.

Using Time Clock Software

When cutting-edge time clock software works in conjunction with technologically advanced time clocks, an employer is assured real-time figures and reports that accurately reflect the hours an employee has worked. This enables a business to handle figures in a better manner. It is especially handy if a company has hundreds or even thousands of employees. The only people that have access to work hour data and reports are those that have been authorized by the employer. This helps ensure the safety and security of each employee’s information.

Process Payroll Even More Efficiently

Payroll is a necessary part of owning and running a business; it can also be difficult and a pain to handle. To resolve the hassle, a business can step up their technology and eliminate hours of crunching payroll numbers by using payroll time clock software solutions. Newly designed time clocks connect to the Internet where sophisticated software crunches the data and provides automated totals that are accurate and reliable. These totals can then be exported and sent to major payroll processing programs such as ADP, Paychex and QuickBooks, as well as many other software platforms. This helps a business cut down on long hours in the payroll department and slashes operational costs.

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