Should You Sub Contract; Or Do Your Own CD Label Printing?

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Computers and Internet

Although sales of music on compact discs (CD’s) have declined under the popularity of mp3 music files downloaded from the internet; the CD does still remain the major vehicle for purchased music. It is probably fair to say that all of us have some music CD’s in our homes and we are familiar with the fantastic way in which the record companies package their CD releases.

Commercial CD Label Printing

Compared with the 33 1⁄3 rpm long playing (LP) records that they replaced; the CD is relatively small and provides much less space for the printing of labels, pictures and information on either the disc itself or its packaging. The standard packaging for a CD is known as a jewel case and it is surprising how much well designed artwork can be slipped into the front and back of these cases. Additionally, the attractive CD label printing on the non-reflective side of the disc can be very eye catching.

Of course the record companies are producing their CD’s in large numbers and with the backing of a hefty budget. But, what if you are a small independent label; or, even a private individual wishing to produce (say) around 100 copies of a CD for promotional or souvenir purposes?

Small Quantity CD Label Printing

If the quantity is only one disc then you can probably do everything using your home computer and printer – you can even simply write a title on the disc using a felt tip pen. However, when either the required quantity increases; or, there is a need for good presentation; the DIY home approach becomes both less practical and less suitable.

Jobbing CD Label Printing

Blank CD’s are available with a special upper layer that can accept ink jet printing which can be more economic than screen printing for small print runs. However, the printers for this are noticeably more expensive than the average home printer. In many cases, the best way is to seek professional help and have a specialist do the CD print work for you. Usually, these companies can not only print direct onto the CD but they will also take care of any sleeve note printing as well. Additionally, they offer design consultancy and have all the necessary packaging items in stock; they will also take care of the replication of your master disc.

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