When To Consider Volusion To Magento Migration

Volusion and Magento are both highly recognized and very popular e-commerce platforms. Both offer similar basic features, but there are some very real differences that make Magento a better choice, particularly for larger e-commerce sites or sites that are poised to rapidly expand in size and volume of sales.

The decision to choose Volusion to Magento migration should always be considered carefully. The first step should be to carefully consider the features on Volusion that you want to retain in the Magento store. This is also an ideal time to consider the options, features or functions in the Volusion store that you would like to replace during the migration.


It is important to take the time to know what you want with the Volusion to Magento migration. All of the features and options you don’t want to migrate will need to be replaced with something more applicable, easier to use or more effective for the e-commerce site or the end-sure.
Taking the time to do this evaluation, which may include surveying customers as well as your in-house team, provides the Magento developer handling the migration to be able to create a website that has optimal features and functions during the migration, rather than going back in later and continually making changes.

Increased Resource Requirements

An often-overlooked aspect of Volusion to Magento migration is the increased use of resources through the Magento platform. Your developer will talk to you about your current resources and may recommend upgrading to a more advanced package or server option through our hosting company.

The last consideration will be the actual timing of the migration. While this can be done very effectively by a web development company with expertise in this area, it is still essential to choose an off-peak time for the process. This will allow even slight downtime for the website to have the lowest possible impact for end-users and virtually eliminate any impact on your conversion rate or sales.

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