Why Choose Zippro School Management Software Features?

by | May 19, 2014 | Software & Hardware

The Zippro School Management Software developed by Zippro System Pvt. Ltd., is a revolutionary solution to having complete control over every facet in the management of educational institutions.

The Zippro School Management Software Features include many useful modules to help staff, students, and parents find and manage information quickly and easily.

Academic: This module customizes the software to adapt to any academic institution. Administrators can set up the departments and courses for the current academic year, edit and view timetables for holidays and staff absences, and regulate the admissions process.

Students: Manage and view student details and student academic records.

Attendance: The attendance records of both students and staff members are maintained within the system, and records can be viewed anywhere from a daily to an annual basis.

Exams: Students can prepare for exams by checking exam schedules. Publish exam records and generate exam reports.

Inventory: Keep track of all school supplies and check to make sure there are enough goods for everyone.

Accounting: Keep track of all financial transactions and view faculty payroll.

Hostel: Allocate hostel rooms and items to students, and view student health records.

Library: Manage book records, view availability of materials, and keep track of fines and returns.

HRD: Post vacant job positions and allow potential candidates to apply for vacancies.

Timetable: Teachers and students can view the times for subjects and classes, along with who is teaching what.

Administration: Manage credentials, activity logs, and back up the database.

Assignment: Teachers can add assignments for students to submit online.

Reports: Manage all kinds of reports, including photo galleries and forums.

Document Management: Manage files, including email and SMS alerts and documentation forms.

E-Learning: Tutorials and question banks can be used by students to answer their concerns.

Extra: Manage miscellaneous tasks, such as video galleries, notes, mail management systems, and more.

Parent Login: Parents can log into the system and view their child’s exam results and academic progress.

Student Login: Students can check their academic records, class schedules, submit assignments, and more.

Front End: Provides information about the school to outsiders.

The Zippro School Management Software features are highly customizable, yet easy to use. Administrators can tailor the software to suit their institution’s needs without having to worry about being highly technically literate. Software updates are constantly being applied so that clients can be sure that their management system will always be up-to-date.

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