3 Types of Cybersecurity Threats Dallas Companies Must Watch out For

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Computer

Every business owner needs to ensure their respective companies stay protected from various threats. With that in mind, many of these threats come in the form of cybersecurity attacks. These are three types of cybersecurity attacks that every company needs to watch out for.

Using Malware

Most people are used to having programs ask them to agree before installing software. Unfortunately, malware often forces itself into a computer. These types of software can damage almost any part of a company’s network. Malware often attacks system files and popular commercial applications. To stay protected from this type of attack, hire the help of IT security solutions in Dallas.

Phishing Attacks

Companies often offer many communication channels with the public. This is something that hackers know all too well. With that in mind, these individuals often try to utilize phishing attacks to get into a company’s network. These attacks often occur through social media and email platforms. The goal of these attacks is to gain valuable information from your company.

Password Attacks

In the digital age, passwords are extremely important pieces of information. This is something that hackers know quite well, meaning they’ll do almost anything to obtain your company’s secret passwords. This usually happens because of either brute force or dictionary password attacks. These types of attacks typically involve programs that continue to guess passwords around the clock.

In conclusion, it’s imperative for companies to watch for common types of cybersecurity threats. To find IT security solutions in Dallas, learn more about NetworkElites IT Services by visiting Networkelites.com.

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