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by | Dec 27, 2013 | Software & Hardware

There are very few homes or offices which do not have a computer. Computers are used like never before; people can access their banks online; they can order literally anything from an online retailer and even bid on items up for auction. These tasks are oriented toward interfacing with the internet, surfing from one web site to another. This is far from the only thing computers are used for, most people keep their financial records stored on their computer; perhaps they save and share recipes or a thousand other things that are done offline. Any or all of these tasks can demand a hard copy, a print of the transaction. Having a computer today that is not connected to a printer makes very little sense and the cheapest printers available are inkjet models.

Although inkjet printers are cheap to buy, they are expensive to run; this is why many users opt to buy discount ink cartridges. It has been suggested that the savings possible when buying discount ink cartridges can be as much as 75 percent of the cost of an OEM cartridge. Granted, discount cartridges are either generic, remanufactured cartridges or cartridges that have been refilled, but they give equally quality and performance to the extremely expensive original.

There are many places to source these discount ink cartridges, many small retailers have kiosks in major shopping malls; others are available from independent retailers of computer accessories and still others are online. Perhaps the best deals can be had from online retailers as they do not have the same overhead as those who have to pay rent and maintain a store.

The websites that are setup for online retailing make it very easy to find the precise discount ink cartridges that your printer uses. The search tools are easy to understand and the results take you straight to the checkout, can’t be much easier than that. Many of the online retailers will ship your order free if the value is around $50 or so which is easy to achieve if you are a small business that uses the printers frequently.

The quality of remanufactured cartridges and refilled cartridges are good, the industry has been in place for some years now and if the quality was dubious these companies would not exist, their products are fine and their prices are great.

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