When To Use Software For Shipping?

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Software & Hardware

Obviously, if you are the owner of a large fleet of ships, you are going to use software for managing the operation of your shipping fleet. If you are any sort of transport company (trucking or courier service for example) you will use software to control your shipments; what is on which (truck) and where is it now and what is its final destination; if your loads then have to be broken down into separate receiving destinations, you will use shipping software to arrange that as well.

It’s Not Only The Transportation Industry; It’s The Manufacturers As Well

As we saw above, “shipping” is something of a multi-purpose word with different meanings for different folks. A manufacturing company will have a least a person (called the Shipping Manager), if not a whole Shipping Department. Their function within the company is to take care of the manufactured goods after they have passed inspection and been cleared for dispatch to the respective customers.

In most company organizations, the shipping department will be responsible for packaging the product ready for transportation (this is on top of any company branded initial packaging); preparing a “packing list” stating exactly what and how many of each are within the outer protective packaging; preparing all necessary address, content and other mandatory labelling requirements and preparing documentation that has to accompany the goods; since many consignments require what is known as a “pro-forma invoice”, the shipping department prepares the base data for customer invoicing. When all this has been done, shipping can decide how to actually send the goods to their final destination.

All of this work is essential for ensuring that the customers not only receive the goods they have ordered; but, also ensuring that the manufacturer receives his payment for those goods. Unless the company is extremely small or dispatches very little, the sheer scale of everything that has to take place within the shipping department makes their work not only critical but somewhat complex as well.

Because a customer who does not receive what he ordered, or receives it late, is not a happy customer, he is quite likely to place his next order with a competitor. This is bad for your business and highlights the importance of your shipping department. To safeguard your interests, you should look into all aspects of Software For Shipping and how they can be integrated into your existing IT systems for the benefit of the company as a whole.

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