Should You Have A Wireless Intrusion Detection System In Place?

These days, so many people have such a large number of devices that can connect to other devices without any wires to make that connection. For most of us, this is seen as a huge convenience that we feel has improved the quality of our lives. Unfortunately, our society is still not perfect and dishonest or malicious people are still amongst us and these people are actively seeking ways to use all this wireless technology for dubious purposes.

Businesses Could Be The Prime Target

The likelihood of people wanting to interfere with our private, personal computers may be slim but you do hear tales of identity theft and cyber fraud being perpetuated on individuals; but, basic logic tells us that the major cyber criminals are more likely to target the corporate business networks. The “old” way of getting into someone else’s computer by getting them to download and open a file still exists but most people are now fully aware of the risks and take adequate precautions for both their personal and corporate safety.

Wireless Connectivity Is The Problem

Have you ever been alone in a hotel room with your laptop and nothing much else to do than get on line via the hotel’s wifi? Maybe by chance, you have been searching through the files on your hard drive and noticed that you have gained another computer in your networks section? Curiosity leads you to explore this connection and, suddenly, you find yourself looking at files within the hotel’s computer! Of course this would not have been possible had the hotel put basic password protection on their computer that provides the source of the hotel’s wifi.

But, this does make the point that anyone with a wireless connection device can get to at least “see” your computer and, if they are dishonest or malicious, have the potential to hack into it. You might not be able to stop them seeing you; but, with a suitable wireless intrusion detection system, you can locate and identify devices that might be trying to access your network.

Know Who Is Knocking On Your Computer’s Door

When your Wireless Intrusion Detection System tells you that someone is there, you can be prepared to take any action that might be needed. You can identify known “friends” with authorization to your network and take steps to deter unknown and possibly harmful intruders.

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