Quality Voice and Data Integration is Within Reach

by | Jan 20, 2014 | IT Services

The key to deciding which types of Voice And Data Integration are best suited to a specific business situation is discussing the company’s short and long term goals with a cloud computing consultant before making any decisions. Even when in-house IT specialists are available, discussing all options with a voice and data consultant will often provide options that in-house IT professionals may not be aware of.

Contact Veritivity (www.veritivity.com), for example, to learn about cutting edge systems that can result in up-front cost reductions and systems that provide relief from long-term service contracts. Consultants will take the time to learn about a client company’s business model to help fashion options that best meet the company needs for the next two to five years. Planning ahead can not only save money at the onset of service, but can provide for improving and expanding systems as they are needed in the future.

Modern business leaders are quickly learning that on-site data storage is not always the best solution, and voice and data consultation at Veritivity will provide a discussion of cloud based options to ensure that company data is stored in a safe and secure manner. Using cloud based data storage solutions eliminates the need for a great deal of the expensive system equipment that was once needed to store data on site and security issues have all but disappeared.

Older voice communication systems are also rapidly being replaced by VoIP systems that reduce reliance on slower, quirky traditional phone systems. Reliability and call quality has increased dramatically in recent years, allowing VoIP systems to become major players in voice communication. Again, systems integration provides initial cost savings over traditional systems when a total voice and data integration plan is provided. In addition, service contracts that were once considered a virtual necessity are not required when utilizing a VoIP system.

Voice and Data Integration is the new norm because it works and can be quickly modified to meet changing company needs. The first step is to call a consultant to determine what types of services and equipment are needed. Working with a consultant before beginning a new installation or upgrading an existing system installation is well worth the time.

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