Get a Professionally Installed Wireless Network in Denver

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Computer

Small businesses often need the same type of networking equipment that is used in private homes. The companies who make these typically put a lot of emphasis on making them easy to use, because most home users want something that they can plug in and then forget about entirely. This is a problem when a business decides to do the same thing. They may get their wireless network up and running, but they take a grave risk in the process. It’s much better to have a network intended for business use set up by professionals.

The default settings on networking equipment are not particularly secure. From the perspective of the company producing the equipment, this makes sense. Security calls for turning features off by default, and then only activating what is absolutely needed. Taking that approach when building something for home users, however, tends to result in a lot of customer service calls, complaints about devices not behaving as expected, and even items being returned to the store. Their customers are happier with the simpler and more forgiving settings, and so that’s what they provide.

This is a bad idea when setting up a business Wireless Network in Denver, however. Any kind of company network is a particularly interesting target to outsiders. Someone could log in to steal bandwidth, to use a company’s IP addresses to commit crimes, or to install their own software onto the network that collects client and financial information. The value of the information that passes over a company’s network makes it a much bigger target, and this is why it makes sense to hire someone to set everything up properly.

Having a Wireless Network in Denver for your business is convenient and affordable, since it makes it possible for employees to connect as needed from anywhere in the office without the expense, risk, and complication of running wires. If you want to use one without putting your company at risk of becoming the next big data theft story on the news, however, you need to make sure that everything is set up properly. It’s much better to call an expert in to make sure that the job is done right than to just plug everything in and assume that it will all work out. For more information, visit Ceres Technology Group.

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