Magento 101: Building Your eCommerce Site

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Computer

If you’ve been in the eCommerce business for a while, you’ll have heard of Magento. It’s hard not to – backed by Permira, the 1985-established investment firm, little if any online platforms have shown as much promise over the past year as Magento has. As per Tuts+, Magento is an eCommerce platform meant to help developers and business owners alike create simple or complex eCommerce websites with the goal of remaining simple, comprehensive, responsive and powerful.

Why is Magento Popular?

Magento development is big in popularity, and it’s growing. In fact, AheadWorks shows that it’s overtaken competitor Woo Commerce in short time. Magento is one among a few provided platform services, specifically for businesses looking to:

  • Sell products online.
  • Capture the mobile crowd.
  • Emphasize the balance between speed and functionality.

With a quarter of a million adopters and enterprise-level capacity, it’s clear to see why Magento’s been enjoying a lot of growth. But even so, making it work for you isn’t all plug-and-play. Like other common content and development platforms like WordPress and Joomla, Magento is largely straightforward – but underneath the themes and plugins is where things start to get to the point where the average business owner will hit a wall, and even experienced CMS users will need the help of a developer to build and expand a website’s capabilities.

Expediting Your Website Building

Despite Magento’s pros, it does come with the con of complexity – more so even than Drupal – and for a good reason. There is some basic functionality with Magento development, but once you’re starting to introduce hundreds or even thousands of products and price variations, you’ll want someone at the helm who knows what needs to be done in order to a.) get the job done, and b.) get the job done without slowing the website down. Speed is the key to a proper eCommerce experience – without speed, you will lose your customers.

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