Selecting The Right Server Power Supply For Your System

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Computer

electing the right server power supply is not as easy as it may sound. In fact it can be quite the daunting process for the uninformed buyer. There are many things which should be taken into consideration when purchasing a server power supply however it mostly comes down to where on the cost/performance spectrum you would like to land. There are several different key factors which play into this equation and can influence the outcome of your decision for better or for worse.

When it comes to choosing a server power supply cost should never be the first consideration. You should always make sure that the power supply is compatible with your server and that it will meet the energy requirements that your system has. The cost portion of the equation comes into play once you decide what sort of longevity you require out of your server power supply. Cheaper units will obviously not last nearly as long as higher quality, more expensive units. For those looking to power a server for a longer period of time it is probably best to choose one of the more expensive units.

It is extremely important to determine what the unit wattage is of the system you are looking to power. There are 12v, 5v, and 3v power rails and it is imperative that you makes sure they are compatible with the server which you are powering. If you do not do this you can cause damage to the server and be left without an operating power source or server. Researching your current system and its requirements should take precedence over anything else before making a purchase involving the server power supply for your new system.

One way that you can insure that you are choosing a power supply which will be much more versatile in the future is to choose a modular power supply unit. This is a unit which has multiple interchangeable parts including the cables which connect with the server. Many server power supplies come with built in cables that you need to be sure fit before you purchase it. By purchasing a modular system you will be able to re-purpose it in the future if you so choose. It also means that you can free up space in the server case by taking out cables which you don’t need.

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