Tips for Small Business Marketing in San Jose CA

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Computer

Traditionally, small businesses found it difficult to compete with the big box stores. With online techniques, small business marketing in San Jose CA has become easier for smaller companies. These tips and tricks help companies to get the leg up that they need in a competitive marketplace. With the right marketing plan, companies can ensure that they live up to their true potential.

Website Development

Before using any other marketing tip, entrepreneurs should first focus on their website. This portal is the first part of the company that many customers will encounter. It should be designed with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate layout. In addition to standard pages, business owners may want to create a company blog to profile new products and hot topics in the industry. Through a high-quality website and blog, entrepreneurs can drive traffic to their business. Marketing for SMB’s San Jose CA should always begin by focusing on the most basic form of marketing: a website. If business owners can do this well, they can organically start to draw in clients through search engines.

Advertising a Business

There are more ways to advertise a business than the newspaper. To develop a web presence, small business owners can utilize online and offline marketing techniques. A social media page is a free way to reach out and interact with new customers. The company can post contests, advertise new products, and receive instant feedback from their current customers. Instead of having to conduct costly surveys or product trials, businesses can receive immediate feedback from their consumers.

In addition to creating a social media page, companies can use advertising programs like Google Adwords and direct email marketing. Current subscribers should be sent updates with new offers and information about the company. Often, direct email marketing is a great way for companies to advertise an exclusive, subscriber-only, contest or giveaway. An exclusive contest helps to bolster the perceived product value of the company while also boosting the buzz about the business. If this is not enough for small business marketing in San Jose CA, Google Adwords is an excellent way to reach out to other clients in the geographic area.

SEO and Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing in San Jose CA can be accomplished by using the latest SEO techniques. This marketing technique is utilized by sites like to reach out to individuals across the Internet. Basically, SEO is used by the search engines to evaluate the meaning of a specific page. Crawlers scan through the pages to look for relevant keywords. This allows them to consider what the page is about and how to rank it in the search engines. By using industry-specific keywords, users can reach out directly to their target audience.

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