What Are KVM Switches and How to Use them

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Computer

KVM and an IP KVM switch basically equates to the keyboard, video, and mouse. These things are usually bought together, because when put together they make up a console. In computer terms, a console is a workstation where the main things you need to operate are a keyboard, a monitor, and some type of mouse. Of course, it can get very aggravating and even very dangerous to have a ton of cables running from 30 different computers to the walls in your office. This is where having an IP KVM switch comes in handy, and it can save you a ton of money as well.

Controlling Multiple Computers

There are also many situations that require two people to use one computer, and it’s nice to have a way for them to do so remotely. In some situations, it is even possible for one user to have to control more than a dozen consoles from one central location.

Uses for KVM Switches

There are many different uses for KVM switches out there. You can use them in everyplace from the office to at home if you need to. In fact, the military uses these switches on a regular basis and they work quite well in the defense department.

Should You Buy One?

If you run an office, small or large, having one of these switches will make everyone’s job a whole lot easier. Choosing the right switch for the job  and it is important to set your budget in advance as well since prices may vary.

Set a Budget

Make sure that you sit down with your financial team and determine just how much you can afford to upgrade to this type of system. Once you determine how much you can spend, you need to do research and decide on what is the best switch for your business’s needs.

How to Use One

These switches of course, come with detailed instructions and help from customer service if needed. These switches consolidate workstations, which in turn makes your job and the staff’s job around you much easier and seamlessly easy to do.

These are just a few of the uses that these switches have and the reason that they will make it easier for you to run your office with one. From creating a budget to getting one to being able to control multiple computers at once, this switch is one for the ages.

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